• Are you achieving your potential?

  • Are you getting the recognition, rewards, and opportunities you deserve?

  • Are you concerned that your work negatively impacted by other stresses or responsibilities in your life?

  • As a manager or supervisor do you feel you have the full respect of your team?

  • Are you uncomfortable speaking up and sharing ideas in meetings?

  • Do your health, happiness, friendships, and relationships get neglected due to your work commitments?

  • Do you avoid challenging conversations with your team members, your boss, or others?

What is Creative Professional Coaching?
If your car is not performing as you want it to, take it to a mechanic.
If you have a health problem, go see a doctor.
If the 40+ hours of every week you spend at work are not as enjoyable, and rewarding as they could be, or if other areas of your health, happiness, and fulfillment in life could feel better, there is professional support for you too!

Fred Chapman enjoys empowering people who have imagination and drive in their life and work, or those who want to reclaim the passion they feel they've lost, with a particular specialism in working with leaders in creative industries.
Why choose Fred as your coach?

I’ve been a manager and supervisor for over a decade. I've been a 3D artist for over 2 decades. For several years I’ve used my experience, insights, and training to mentor and coach many artists and leaders through a wide variety of challenges and career transitions.

I created Creative Professional Coaching as a way to support many more people as they advance through their creative careers.



You know your strengths and challenges better than anyone, because you live them everyday!

So often though, we’re so familiar with our own perspective and patterns of thought and behaviour that it takes an objective point of view to reveal options we have overlooked.

Combining my knowledge of the industry, and empathy to get to know you and your unique situation, gives me the objectivity to help guide you to your goals.


Even if you work for amazing leaders and have fabulous co-workers, they all have their own careers and agendas. 

As a coach, I am always on the side of my clients. There are times our industry can be ruthless and high pressured. As a coach my primary role is to support you. Sometimes that means helping you advance your career, and sometimes it’s more important to be a compassionate listener and to fully hear and and understand your experience.


Often self-doubt can cloud our judgement about how ready we are to take risks and put ourselves forward. In addition to helping you prepare for future opportunities, I’ll encourage you to take action so you can earn the full advantage of every opportunity you’re ready for and capable of succeeding in.

You may have already done most of the work, all you need is a gentle nudge forward at the right time.

If that sounds scary to you don't worry, I promise we'll make it feel playful and empowering!

Ready for the next step?

Let's start with a quick questionnaire so I can get to know you better and help you clarify your goals. 

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